Upside Down Tiger

by Bad Patriot

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released August 17, 2016

Written by Adam Cole Czuchnicki
Performed by Adam Cole Czuchnicki, Tyler Mason, Mike Agostino & Scott Brady. Back Ups by Elizabeth Rooney & Emily Rooney.
Recorded and Mixed by Marco Bressette at Deadquarters Studio, Hamilton, Ontario.




Bad Patriot Hamilton, Ontario

Our friend Luc says our songs sound like summer.

Cole Cz - Vocals & Guitar
Mike Stink - Guitar
Tyler Garbage - Bass
Scott Brady - Drums

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Track Name: Lose Lose
Look what we've become, cast out on our own with hate inside of me that I don't care to hold. I can't lie awake any more nights for a lost cause. I'll turn to rust. You can keep what you stole. I'm hoping you know that I can't wait for you to feel something. Well I can't say the same. I hate what we have become. It's hard to let this go but we're done. I guess we're done for now. We are both so proud. We're never backing down. It stings to say it but we're done. Who knew we had something so easily broken? Who knew we had so far to fall? I can't make you feel something when I can't say same. Is it old friends or loose ends?
Track Name: Perennials
The soil's jet black thanks to last year.
We're gunna grow up tall. We can't stay here.
You'll break on through the leaves of grass that winter has packed.
Around and around we spun, we span.
It's time for us all to go back again.
We've been waiting.
What do I know? That I just don't know.
What happens when we wilt?
We have until the summer's fall to find out.
Right now it's time to grow and show color.
No matter what they think. You know my skin's grown thick.
You know in my heart I hold a love that could serve them well.
It's a love that's served us well all this time.
There's no other way to live.
Just ebbs and flows of suns and snows in our time.

There's no telling what summer holds.
Get ready for what suns and storms.
Dig your toes in the earth below.
Track Name: Reflection
This dark place can be my home.
To lie back and breath in deep.
These old smells. My frailty.

Damn it I'm worn to fray.
Some callous reminder of everything I gave.
To the past.
To your mistakes.
To my faith in a belief misplaced.
Now it's 2am to an empty fridge.
It's so quiet without you here.
All I have left are signs of sloth.

Stay clear and lay bare.
You've lost your dark heaven.
Track Name: Hard Quarry
There's a place in a town outside of this city. It's been two long years since I've touched that water. A little girl in a house outside of that quarry peaking through the blinds as we pass her by. Late at night we're sneaking in over fences. Make our way through the woods by the light of the fire flies. All those punks stripping naked and stepping up to the cliffs edge. We take flight. Darkness below. You never can see quite where you leap. Some kids choose to be never scare. I'm always scared, oh well.
Track Name: Prefontaine
Give something dark back to the sea.
A hungry shark that rips at me.
I may just die for wasted time.
But I know.

You can't change this.
You can't save him.